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I’m Tanya and I compose storytelling for digital products. I have over ten years of non-stop digital marketing experience, working for clients worldwide.

Whether that’s an EU-based e-commerce shop, an established international business in the US, or an experimental bitcoin art project that’s just getting started, we’re here to help.

We convince your audience to come onboard.
We engage them with the topics that matter to you.
We tell your story.

My team and I work with large companies and young startups who want to reach more people. Whether that’s an EU-based e-commerce shop, an established international business in the US or an experimental bitcoin art project that’s just getting started, we’re here to help.

We convince your audience to come onboard. We engage them with the topics that matter to you. We tell your story.

What we handle

Power content

– Channel-based strategy
– Regular plans
– Logical storytelling

Creative design

— Appealing visuals
— Consistent imagery

Social media

— Complete audit
— Paid ads and funnels
— Regular engagement


— Front-end development
— Prototypes
— Platform integration


members on the team.


languages spoken.


years of digital experience.

Success stories


Gett is a leading corporate travel app operating across 100 countries. An SaaS solution, Gett helps businesses to streamline their journeys with supply partners. Unfortunately, Gett was receiving negative social media comments, so we helped to improve its online image. We started at the root: building online support tracking to monitor and handle user feedback on social feedback. But what’s a story if no one hears it? We also managed a highly successful influencer program to spread positive messaging.

Success stories


customer complaints resolved per day


publications among top bloggers and celebrities in Russia


organic reach through these publications

Success stories

MTX Connect

MTX Connect is a global broadband company. Broadband might not strike you as the most ‘creative’ subject, but we turned it into an engaging topic. As well as handling all social media in Russia, Europe, and the US, we devised MTX Connect’s creative content strategy. We used blogging as the ultimate engagement tool. We set up an Ambassador Program of bloggers to write about MTX Connect, and envisioned and launched the company’s Best Blogger Award with a $1500 prize fund.

Success stories


successful publications over three years


shares of viral promotion for Best Blogger Award


votes cast for bloggers

Success stories


Even established companies sometimes need a refresh. We handled a major relaunch of all of Plesk’s communications. New, niche, engaging content brought a new look to the brand and its messaging. Along with viral activities for followers, we built up a community of influencers to spread the love for Plesk.

Success stories


Increased engagement rate threefold


Turned 40 influencers into motivated brand ambassadors

Success stories


HypeFactory is all about influencer marketing. It’s all about reaching your audience through authentic voices who match your brand’s values. We managed HypeFactory’s social media and signed up top-notch bloggers as HypeFactory ambassadors. They created unique content and educational courses for the Bloggers’ Academy.

Success stories


Grew fan base organically from 0 to 7000+ followers in 4 months


Signed up 10+ influencers as brand ambassadors in 3 months

Success stories


Piper is an EdTech startup providing hands-on STEAM opportunities to children. Building a brand means creating a consistent visual look as well as’a content and social media strategy. That’s where we help: we built Piper’s social media strategy from scratch, from content to visual language and messaging. We also handled influencer relationships.

Success stories


US educators converted into brand ambassadors in less than a month

Success stories

Runa Capital

How do you bring a seemingly complicated subject like venture capital to life? Runa Capital wanted to engage a wider audience. We helped them by communicating expert ideas and opinions on VC to a non-specialist and startup audience. From blogs on outreach emails to social media posts about partners’ favourite books, we gave venture capital a human touch.

Success stories


Increased organic impression rate on posts by up to 150%

Launched Runa Capital’s Medium Blog

Success stories


Cybersecurity: it’s one of the essential topics of our age. Acronis, cyber protection giant, wanted to increase its reach and awareness. So we made people care. We relaunched all ecommerce-driven content strategy and tailored planning for offline events. We managed video production in 7+ countries and created human, humorous social media content to go viral.

Success stories


views on YouTube

Handled social media from Japan to the US

Success stories


We began working with Skandium after a period of bad press. After bankruptcy and acquisition, the company was ready to begin trading again. First, we rebuilt a trusting relationship with its former and future customer. We developed a solid social media strategy that relied on consistent content and visual language and messaging. This was strengthened by collaborations with top interior designers, bloggers and journalists in the UK and Europe.

Success stories


reach on Instagram

Consistent positive growth in Facebook audience


Up to 7 million organic reach on Facebook

Success stories

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a creative tool for virtual interior design. We used a combination of content and social media engagement to expand its audience. Our content strategy was driven by Planner 5D’s audience: we created and seeded blog posts on forums and closed communities to pick up on hot topics and engage new groups. We also created fun, interactive content such as Instagram Live, polls and quizzes, and the highly popular Interior Design Battle.

Success stories


increase in Instagram followers


increase in VK followers


increase of organic impressions on Facebook

Success stories